Civil Service Reforms

Dear friends, I got this excellent paper on Civil Service Reforms published by the Ministry of Personnel, Government of India. It is a small paper, very crisp and important for the GS-2. You can find the paper here. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and find them in the “Notes”.


Tips for the Aspirants

I have compiled some of the questions that very frequently come to the minds of most of you. Many aspirants message me and ask me these questions. So I am making this small effort to answer those questions. Please go through it till the end. Hope you will like it. 1. Why to choose a […]

General Studies Topic-wise Questions

Friends, I had found some compilations of topic-wise questions for GS-1, 2, 3, 4 on internet very useful. So sharing with you. This helps you to understand the trends in questions and common themes, if any, in the questions asked. Please download them from GENERAL STUDIES page.

Economics Paper 1 (Optional)

Dear friends, I am extremely sorry for this delay in updating the booklist for economics optional. I was not well for the past 3-4 weeks and hence, couldn’t do it in time. I have now updated booklist for paper-1. I will do for paper-2 soon. Please visit the page for Economics Paper-1.Thanks and good luck […]

DAW Day 22

43. There are two forms of leadership – one, leading from the front, and two, leading from the back. What, do you think, is the best way to lead an administrative department in the government? [GS-4]44. Explain the differences between conflict of interest and conflict of conscience. Do you think one leads to another? Elaborate. […]

DAW Day 21

41. Critically examine government’s efforts to reduce logistics cost in India. To what extent have these measures been successful in increasing India’s exports? [GS-3]42. Do you think a good character is inborn? Can a person achieve it through choices he/she makes in life? [GS-4]

DAW Day 20

39. Examine the need for a new wave of revolution in the agricultural sector in order to address the most pressing needs of rural India. [GS-3]40. Humanism is often seen in opposition to religion. Do you think religion today has become a tool for spreading hatred and intolerance? Explain your view with suitable examples. [GS-4]

DAW Day 19 (Economic Survey Special Part-5)

37. How does policy uncertainty affect investments? Examine using suitable examples. (150 words)38. Indian cities need serious infrastructure overhauling. Discuss the issues of urban infrastructure and suggest measures to address the same, in light of the recent infrastructure related accidents in Indian cities. (250 words)

DAW Day 17 (Economic Survey Special Part-3)

33. What are the challenges faced by the civil aviation sector in India? Critically examine the actions taken by the government to address these challenges. (250 words)34. Discuss the factors responsible for the proliferation of Regional Trade Agreements (RTA). Are they substituting the multilateral trading systems? Critically examine. (250 words)